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CLAP 2019 - TTC Offsite

Date : Apr 11 - 13, 2019 Venue : Trident, Agra

Our TTC family; a bunch of nomadic, eccentric and most importantly gastronomically charged individuals, are not an easy bunch to please (especially during the Navratras!). The hospitality of the Trident staff, combined with the meticulous planning and relentless efforts of the HR team and the aptly christened 'fun and recreation committee,' helped make the offsite extremely fun and memorable for the whole lot. From the visit to the Taj, to the team presentations, group activities, scavenger hunts and water polo games in the day, the team bonding reached an all-time high during the evening 'happy hours'. The immense song and dance talent within the TTC team, made the local astrologer, puppeteers and magicians less favorable sources of entertainment.

It's not that every day that one has moved about the journey of their firm, more so when it's a consulting firm! However, TTC is not just that but much more ... What started as a shared journey of 6 ex-colleagues and friends in 2015, has embraced so many more people along the way ... And as the TTC tribe continues to grow, the subsequent CLAPs (celebration of learnings, achievements and potential) are just going to get bigger and louder!

With this rejuvenated energy and a fresh sense of pride and team unity from the 3-day event, the pages of the TTC book will continue to turn and fill themselves with infinite shared memories and selfies from many such offsites and get-togethers, as the years go by The magic of TTC, of connecting ideas to influence, has just begun! While the tune of 'Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage' opens a floodgate of joyous memories, this offsite was just the perfect pause from every day and a super way to kickstart the year!

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