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12th National Convention of UN Global Compact Network India "Best Practices Awards - Sustainable Development Goals"

Date : Apr 28, 2017 Venue : New Delhi, India

UN Global Compact Network India (UNGC India), in collaboration with Process Partner TTC, held the first “Best Practice Award” on 28th April 2017.  Nomination were invited for a ‘Case Study Competition’, on the theme ‘Making Global Goals Local Business’, in order to illustrate how leading organizations incorporated SDGs into their business agenda and unlocked value in terms of revenue growth, cost reduction, brand building or risk mitigation. Over 45 case studies were submitted by leading Corporations, Foundations and NGOs.

TTC actively supported UNGC India in creating the screening methodology used in the preliminary evaluation process. Following which, the company facilitated the jury assessment for awarding the top ten entries, and subsequent top four winners of the competition.

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