TTC Newsletter | March 2019

Parul Soni
Global Managing Partner

A very happy 2019 to you all!

A bit late for New Year greetings, I know, but we’ve had a busy start to 2019 here at TTC and I wouldn’t want to let go of the opportunity to wish you a year full of happiness and joy.

There has been lots of excitement in the TTC family the last few months! We have grown by leaps & bounds – not only with the number of clients with whom we are working but also adding new diverse team members with cross-cultural experiences, bringing in plethora of unique experiences, backgrounds, and knowledge to the workplace. I am very excited to inform that we have commenced new engagements in U.A.E. and are also working with new clients in Europe. In addition to these energizing milestones, team TTC has been making its presence felt in the States of Odisha, Karnataka, West Bengal, Bihar, and Rajasthan. We have also expanded our footprint in locations namely Bengaluru, Mumbai, Jaipur and Bhubaneswar. We are delighted to bridge the urban & rural divide to bring synergy in working on sustainable development projects. In November 2018, I was personally invited to Helsinki by India Finland Trade Centre to speak on role of women entrepreneurs in India. The event was well attended.

As evident, we have achieved spiralling growth in terms of revenue, geographical expansion and acquiring talent across all teams. Making sustained growth is heart of TTC’s identity; this year our focus is on maintaining relevance to our core market by adding new features to our current offerings, and at the same time enhancing clients’ experiences through immaculate service delivery, focusing on client delight.

We are happy that our services and our work is being appreciated in various forums globally, and we are handling greater market and organizational complexity as we seek different avenues for growth by developing new services, entering new markets and engaging in other forms of innovation with an eye toward larger objectives and sustaining the business.

I leave you now with best wishes for 2019 & will be in touch with more exciting news soon!

> Articles in Spotlight
Addressing Food Safety Issues in Bangladesh through Policy Initiatives – Are we there yet? Feedback at Workplace
Md. Foyzul Bari Himel
Country Coordinator,

Food safety is still a new concept in Bangladesh, however, with the growing incidences of adulteration, it is already a serious concern for public health and consumer rights in the country. Surprisingly, Bangladesh has more than fifteen different acts, ordinances, rules and regulations to govern the safety, wholesomeness and quality of food.

Unfortunately, the enforcement of these acts and rules have not been quite successful. This is mostly due to limited coordination with more than twenty different administrative government agencies, and also due to the limited intellectual and technical capacities in the areas of inspection, diagnosis and enforcement. Formation of Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA) and enactment of Food Safety Act as an umbrella of multiple regulatory instruments is a big step taken by the government towards the right direction.

Overall, it is crucial to ensure that the multiple organizations involved in food safety are coordinating their efforts better to avoid duplication and fill gaps.

Read more to know what steps and measures are being taken to combat this issue.

Read More

Komal Malhotra
Partner & Leader,
Human Resource Advisory

Difficult conversations around feedback are often dreaded by both managers and subordinates, both due to the unpleasantness and stereotypes around them as well as the lack of requisite knowledge and skills to undertake these conversations effectively. The importance of giving feedback, whether performance or behavioural, to an employee in a workplace, cannot be undermined.

Effective feedback is essentially an interplay of PET- Person, Emotion and Timing. Feedback conversations that hinge around a continuous dialogue throughout the year go a long way in achieving desired outcomes.

Feedback may be verbal or non-verbal, positive or corrective. While there are several feedback models one can follow (SBI, Pendleton’s, STAR, BOOST etc.), giving effective and unbiased feedback is a skill that needs patience, understanding and practice.

Read more to get a sneak peek into getting these interactions right.

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> Include & Impact @ INSPIRE 2019!

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write to us at

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BeyonDiversity Foundation, click here.

TTC is proud to partner with BeyonDiversity Foundation for its Annual Inclusive Leadership Conference I Inspire 2019

With the theme “Include & Impact,” the 7th Edition of I Inspire aims to initiate a dialogue to bring together corporate economic activity, social responsibility and community dynamics as a business case.

300+ Participants | 30+ Speakers | 100+ Organizations | 10 Awards | Inspiring Discussions | Networking

Calling all -
Corporate | HR Professionals | D&I Practitioners | CXOs | Policy Makers | Thought Leaders | Social Innovators | Women Professionals | NGOs | Entrepreneurs

I Inspire 2019 is one of the biggest inclusive leadership platforms in India. It provides an opportunity to interact with inclusive businesses & futuristic leaders. It showcases how inclusive business and ecosystems thrive.
Join us in a day of inspiration and inclusive environment, collaborating, learning and exploring solutions. The conference will bring together all those involved in human resources, D&I, CSR, research, entrepreneurship and social impact to network, to learn, to educate, to connect andto inspire. Truly it is all about how to Include & Impact!

Where: Hotel Crowne Plaza, Gurgaon
When: Friday, 5th April 2019

> Recent Key Projects

GIZ - ‘Developing Innovative Climate Financing Instruments for Adaptation Action’

TTC supported GIZ India in determining the current status of climate finance for adaptation activities in India, and assessing the potential of innovative financial instruments in mobilising investments from private sector. The study involved significant desk research along with stakeholder consultations with the private sector (large organisations, private sector banks, non-profits) to understand the potential for scaling up adaptation activities in India. Case studies of globally implemented adaptation financing instruments were also identified. Based on the research, three implementable finance instruments for climate adaptation measures in priority sectors like agriculture and renewable energy were developed.

ITC - ‘Impact Assessment of Sustainable Agricultural Practices in Bihar and Eastern UP’

ITC limited through its social investment brand ‘Mission Sunehra Kal (MSK)’ implements comprehensive Natural Resource Management (NRM) programme as a response to a host of challenges confronting Indian agriculture. Under this, ITC has promoted 'Improved Agricultural Practices' through farmer capability building and by creation of supporting institutional ecosystem. TTC conducted impact assessment of ITC's programme implemented in five districts of Bihar and Eastern UP. This study was conducted to understand the tangible and intangible impacts of improved agricultural practises on farmers; the efficiency of institutional ecosystem created by the project to support the adoption of these upgraded sets of practises within the farmer community; and the sustainability of ITC’s intervention. The study also provided key considerations for the project’s way forward in order to further enhance its coverage, implementation, and sustainability.

WRG2030 - ‘Development of Vision Document’

2030 Water Resources Group (WRG2030 ) is a public-private-civil society partnership that supports governments to accelerate sustainable water resources management for long-term development and economic growth. TTC has supported WRG2030 in the development of Vision Document “Sabka Paani Sabka Saath” on Integrated Sustainable Water Management through Multi-stakeholder Partnership for the Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh. The Vision Document has recently been launched by Chief Secretary and initiatives are currently underway. As part of its engagement, TTC interacted with the key stakeholders of the Multi-Stakeholder Platform established by WRG2030 to first map out existing initiatives in the region, developed an integrated action plan covering short-term and mid-term vision, monitoring and evaluation framework, and key areas of convergence.

> Our New Venture

We are excited to share that TTC has recently established a new entity in collaboration with Konsälidön Global, a U.S.A based organization.

Set up with a vision to create positive disruption in the consulting industry, TTC-Konsälidön Consulting is a new age consulting firm acting as an aggregator of consulting firms to offer specialized services to clients across industries.

TTC-Konsälidön will operate across 11 countries in South Asia and will empower our Network Firms to enhance their reach. We will be facilitating acceleration of our Network Firms in terms of business opportunities, brand visibility, and brand positioning.

To know more about TTC-Konsälidön, please contact:

Shivani Gulati

> Recent Publications

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