TTC Newsletter | October 2018
Parul Soni
Global Managing Partner, TTC

Transforming Consulting into Value Creation

The first three quarters of 2018 saw a whirlwind of activities.

Here we are, sending you the fourth edition of the TTC newsletter already! Dussehra has just departed, Diwali is around the corner, and exciting things have been happening at TTC.

Our long-term vision is to transform consulting into value creation. In the service of this ambitious goal, I am proud to announce two of our recent outstanding achievements. TTC is now the official Knowledge Partner to the Global Taskforce of Foundations (GTFF) for the International Solar Alliance (ISA), where we are supporting the Global Task Force of the Alliance towards bridging the energy gap by 2030, and strive to drive energy self-sufficiency in ISA member countries across the globe using stakeholder-centric approach, through strategic partnerships with reputed foundations. We have also finalised a partnership with the Directorate of Indian Army Veterans (DIAV), for the welfare of Indian soldiers, and their wards and widows, by facilitating corporate support.

In addition to these energizing milestones, Team TTC has been making its presence felt in far-ranging arenas from Ladakh in India, to Tbilisi in Georgia. We have expanded our presence in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Nagaland, Odisha, Rajasthan, and also in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In Tbilisi, Dipankar Ghosh and I recently conducted Masterclasses on Low Carbon Economic Growth, and Strategic Leadership for Sustainable Development, at the Global Business & Investment Forum, that drew over 350 delegates from government and businesses from all over the world.

I am also glad to share that I have been nominated as the India Board Member for Georgia & Asia-Africa Chamber of Commerce (GAACC). As the Indian representative for GAACC, I will be facilitating global investments in Georgia, and helping increase business opportunities between India and Georgia. Georgia has been steadily working its way up the economic ladder since the mid-1990s, and is poised to take its place among the developing economies of the world. I am looking forward to being a part of what promises to be an exhilarating journey in the years to come.

It is thrilling to note the progress we have made over the last year, and to contemplate the great things the future surely has in store. I am extremely grateful that we have been provided with the opportunity to help bring about positive impact while doing the work we love.

I leave you now with best wishes for the coming festive season and will be in touch with you all again in 2019.

Climate and Health Interlinkage
Senior Advisor - Health Sector

There has been scientific consensus across the world that climate change is expected to increase the frequency of droughts, floods and extreme weather events, caused by increased concentration of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, thereby increasing the temperature of the earth. Clean air and water are the necessities for a healthy life; disruptions in these two are often caused by various manifestations of climate change.

Health risk arising from climate change is one of the major concerns that in turn has a significant impact on social and economic well-being. The linkages of climate change to some of the vector-borne and communicable diseases are well-understandable, as the atmospheric warming and resulting effects of flooding, water contamination, etc., often leads to more conducive environment for survival and propagation of pathogens as well as vectors. However, recent research has also established conclusive linkages between non-communicable diseases (such as cardio-vascular, stroke and acute asthma particularly among elders and children) and extreme temperature events triggered by climate change.

We need awareness on one hand, and scientifically designed programmes on the other, for effective adaptation to the inevitable health effects of climate change.

Sustainability - Tool for Future Readiness
Indra Guha
Partner - Sustainability and Climate Change
Archana Patnaik
Associate Consultant - Sustainability and Climate Change

Sustainability has become the tool for future readiness. An assessment of the baseline scenario of material sustainability aspects, a look into the potential future scenarios from risk and opportunity point of view and identifying the interventions that ensures sustainability in a longer time horizon is the key. Though initiatives like target setting, SROI, aligning to SDGs and capital accounting, lead to a structured thought process and a roadmap, the gap remains with a holistic look at all the determinant variables which are going to impact business sustainability in the longer run. How do we prepare for the future amid this fuzziness? How do we link sustainability with business outcomes?

Sustainability science deals with ever-increasing complex and dynamic challenges in organizations and policy making. To put it to work, a scenario analysis framework through modelling and data analytics can help in drawing out the interlinkages among the various input variables and their linkages with the business parameters.Scenario analysis is about using technology and prescriptive analytics to quickly determine both small and large “what-if” outcomes from a particular set of inputs. The aim is to evaluate risk for a particular plan of action according to different scenarios or situations that could arise as our plan unfolds.

Karnataka D-PUE launches career guidance programme :

"Creating Employment and Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Women in India” (Disha) is a multiyear initiative of UNDP in India in partnership with India Development Foundation, supported by IKEA Foundation. The Disha project aims to empower one million women to become economically self- reliant so that they, their families and future generations have better opportunities in life.

UNDP India has engaged the consortium of IDreamCareer and TTC to facilitate implementation of Career Guidance and Counselling programme under Disha project in 50 government Pre-University (PU) colleges in Karnataka. In this programme, IDreamCareer would be responsible for providing human resources for conducting psychometric assessment test, career counselling and soft skills support to the girl students studying in 11th and 12th grade in PU colleges of Karnataka.

TTC would manage a PMU to ensure smooth functioning of the project by engaging relevant stakeholders, particularly from education department and corporate sector. TTC would liaison with Industry leaders, organize guest lecture and exposure program to various industries in Karnataka for these girl students. In addition, the project would develop an apprenticeship model for these girls at Industries and corporate houses, which would help them carving their career opportunities in a structured manner. The project would benefit over 20,000 girls as direct beneficiary. The programme also empowers 150 teachers of the state to become counsellors to provide career guidance support to future students thus ensuring sustainability of the programme in long run.

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Monitoring of India partners
Kamonohashi Project is a non-profit organization registered and headquartered in Japan with a mission to create a world without human trafficking. Kamonohashi Project has been supporting not-for-profit entities in India and other parts of world in achieving its strategic views. Kamonohashi appointed TTC to undertake financial reviews and compliance review of one of its supporting programmes in India for the period June 2017 to May 2018. TTC is also assisting Kamo and its board by providing wide range of expert advice to carry out its strategic objectives in India.
Jindal SAW
Business Responsibility Report
Jindal SAW Limited (JSAW) is one of the major Indian players, in pipes manufacturing sector. In our second year of engagement with JSAW, TTC took a holistic approach for developing their Business Responsibility Report (BRR) and added substantial value to the Company’s overall sustainability value chain. Our approach included managing compliances as required by SEBI-LODR guidelines, providing support in formulating policies and mechanisms related to each NVG principles, developing sustainability data management systems and processes, and preparation of the BRR with interesting case studies and initiatives to depict JSAW’s commitment towards responsible production and sustainable development. Disclosure on company’s sustainability commitments and strategy through BRR, makes this report a one of its kind in the country, and marks a bold step for JSAW in their sustainability journey.
Monitoring of the Millennium Alliance Program
TTC is supporting FICCI in the monitoring of the Millennium Alliance program. As part of its engagement, TTC facilitates regular review of awardee performance against their milestones. Additionally, TTC has supported in streamlining processes of monitoring by developing awardee reporting formats and tracking frameworks. TTC also conducts capacity development workshops with awardees on subjects such as evaluation, monitoring, reporting and theory of change.
Our vision: "To be the preferred advisory firm for sustainable development initiatives"